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Default Re: Favorite Beatles song (songs)?

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I love A Day in the Life. I might disagree slightly on the seamless transition part, though... In between the stylistic mashup, they take you through a whirlpool of orchestral madness that really serves as the song's bridge. Don't get me wrong.... Fantastic twist. But, they definitely make it clear 'this is John's part' and 'this is Paul's part.'

Good to see you back in the OTC, btw.
Thanks man. Are you excited for FF? Should we going to up the ante a bit? I wonder if everyone will join the league that participated last year? Everyone seemed to really enjoy myself (I know I did). The league was literally drama free minus that idiot mongoloid and really well run/active/everything was good. You were an excellent co-commissioner.
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