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Default Re: Favorite Beatles song (songs)?

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Oh, man... I'd also love to get back into piano. My parents made me take lessons as a kid... I hated it. Now, I really wish I would have stuck with it.

But, if you have a background in piano, you will find the guitar much easier to pick up. It isn't that the instruments are anything alike, but the dexterity that you learn playing the piano really helps with the axe... Especially for beginners.

I'm definitely excited and I'm all-in for upping the ante (maybe we could give weekly payouts if people are willing to spend a little more). The one thing that is scaring me, though, is this lockout. It could really hurt Fantasy Football.

Even putting the fact that there may not be a season aside (which is unlikely), it is going to be really hard to put together a league with so much uncertainty... And draft dates, etc.

They really need to make a deal.
I'm very confident a deal will be struck long before we're even participating in fantasy mock drafts on ESPN. I definitely like the idea of overhauling the payout system but we'd need to up the ante (as you noted).
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