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Default Re: OT : Are the Poor responsible for their own poverty?

lets put it this way... nobody strives to be poor..

you could say the poor are responsible for their own poverty.....but dont fool yourself into thinking they are simply too lazy to put any work in....

People like to blame the poor for their situation but the people who do this are simply rationalizing their own guilt over the neglect of these people...

think if you had 1 parent who was on crack, or in jail...maybe your one parent got sick and died and you have no one else to look after you

Some of these people have serious mental problems and no support whatsoever

life is hard and you need the tools to play and the 'know how' to win.. Alot of these people simply dont have either... they really dont have a snowball's chance in hell....

I was at lunch the other day, walking by the Gallery and I saw a homeless woman sitting on the cement crying because she knew that she was gonna die soon and nobody cared....I felt soo terrible, I didnt know what to do..

Everytime I see a homeless person, I thank God I had support when I was young and I pray it remains that way....
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