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Default Re: OT : Are the Poor responsible for their own poverty?

Originally Posted by Heilige
In my personal experience, the conservatives are generally less sympathetic and empathetic in regards to helping others, including the lower class. The general argument of the conservatives is that America provides free public education through grade 12, and in most areas affordable college education is avalible from anyone who can pay, and therfore anyone who is living in poverty is responsible for their own poverty BECAUSE the facilities to improve the quality of life is there for the taking.
Anyone who spits out that particular argument is blowing an awful lot of smoke. Yes, the US provides free public education through grade 12. However, many political conservatives aren't interested in increasing funding levels to anywhere near adequate. In addition, they support private school vouchers, which drain money from public education.

I'm not saying it's all their fault, 'cause it's not. There are a million reasons why the public school system is massively F'ed up. But they get credit for a few hundred thousand of them.
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