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Default Re: April 20: Playoffs round 1, Nuggets at Thunder, Game 2

Originally Posted by Droid101
Nuggets were better offensively and defensively after the trade.

Knicks were worse defensively, but better offensively after the trade.

You can't argue that. It's fact.
in the regular season, sure. But we have been a ton better in the playoffs than we ever approached before. We are also rebounding now, which we didn't do before (which is part of the reason our defense is so bad, we get a stop, don't get the ball). As you are seeing in the playoffs, Gallo, Chandler and Felton are getting shredded. I think Felton would help right now (Defensively) but neither Gallo nor Chandler is any better defensively than Melo has been. Playoffs are all that matters.
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