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Default Re: April 20: Playoffs round 1, Nuggets at Thunder, Game 2

Denver deff got better in the shortterm\longterm not sure how that's even arguable. We had ONE bad playoff game. We were right there in game 1, with included an admitted NBA mistake.

Nobody expected Denver to actually win, and the series is only 2-0.

How many times has Melo failed us in the playoffs? People are acting like Melo has went bizurk in the playoffs. Guy's had like what 2 good series with Denver? Inconsistent as hell. Remember game 6 against Utah last year?.

Doing the same thing NY is doing, without a max contract player. Denver with Melo? Our defense would revert back to completely awful and we'd have a play to make timely buckets. It's about the only thing were lacking.
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