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Default Re: April 20: Playoffs round 1, Grizzlies at Spurs, Game 2

Originally Posted by SinJackal
That's great and all, but not only does it not matter to us what you think of Sean Elliott, but just in case you feel like boring us with your opinion of it later, we also don't care if you don't find Pop's jokes funny, or if you find Spurs games to be boring to watch.
ive never said i find the Spurs boring. If you don't want to hear my opinion, don't read my posts. Tehre is a nice block button somewhere. Peopel who are not SPurs fans are allowed to comment on them. Considering you find ways to take shots at the Knicks all over, i find it funny im not allowed to post here.

And i wouldn't have responded if i didnt get called basically a trolling idiot for not liking Sean Elliot. The board makes fun of Clyde's JIVING AND CONNIVING all the time, i'd never call someone a hater for doing that. You people are too sensitive.
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