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Default Re: April 20: Playoffs round 1, Nuggets at Thunder, Game 2

For some weird reason actually like the Thunder. Use to HATE KD, but now kinda realize he just does what get's him to the line. Can't fault that. Westbrook, is no doubt cocky. He slams it down and he has a reaction. As a Denver fan? I like that cause I've deff seen it over the years on my team and I think people downplay what it can do for your home crowd or your teammates. J.R going nuts, gets the crowd going crazy. K-Mart getting tough and making a dunk and getting amped? get's the team involved.

Perkins as the tough guy, Ibaka as the energetic guy in the lineup. Only player I hate is Harden and that probably has to do with last night

Plus there franchise is so new, there fans aren't complete douches for the amount of young talent they have. Besides YouCallIlose everybody seems pretty chill. Considering they have two superstar caliber players below the age of 23 among guy's like Ibaka and Harden.
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