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Default Re: April 20: Playoffs round 1, Nuggets at Thunder, Game 2

Originally Posted by The Choken One
Agreed 100%.

He made a fvcking layup on I believe Felton and just stared him down like he just absolutely destroyed him.

I was like, are you fvcking serious. Can't wait until the Thunder get knocked off by the Spurs or Lakers...
Actually the contentiousness between Felton and Westbrook was all started by Felton prior to the series. Felton was talking shit, and then even after game 1 talking more and claimed "Nuggets spies" in the Thunder locker room heard Westbrook talking shit. So then when Felton checked in in game 2, first thing Russ did was score on him then strip the ball from him (but it went out of bounds) and then Felton still continued to yap at him, but it all stopped briefly there for a moment because Maynor came in the game.

And I know I'm not the only one who sees the irony between all these articles out of Denver based off George Karl and Raymond Felton quotes calling the Thunder cocky, trash talkers, arrogants, saying they have an inflated value of themselves (what GK said about Coach Brooks) and the fact there are NO Thunder replies. The Thunder just hoop, let their game do the talking. End of the day, scoreboard!
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