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Default Re: April 20: Playoffs round 1, Nuggets at Thunder, Game 2

Originally Posted by niko
His mannerisms. The glaring when he does something including into the camera. He walks around staring like he made the most important shot in history often when he's fouled.

No hate, i respect his talent immensely, OKC is just not a team i can root for easily and they have the chance to knock off teams i really want knocked off (denver for bet, SA to watch their fans cry, Lakers to watch their fans cry, etc.)

Can't win huh? If they aren't beating their chests then it's false humility with no personality. If Westbrook celebrates a play then he's an arrogant prick. To sum it up, you know your team has made it when people start hating on them for being great. As I heard Colin Cowherd say one time " No one hates the Kansas City Royals, because they aren't relevant."
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