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Default Re: GAME THREAD: Game 3, HEAT @ 76ers | 4/21/11

Originally Posted by CHAresurgence
Wade for the series: 21/5 ast/7.7 reb
Lebron for the series: 24.7/12/5.7

Doug Collins has chosen to double-team Wade throughout the series. Full story here in case you missed the games-

And Wade did a terrific job in adjusting to all the double-teams last night.

The Dwyane Wade adjustment

When one of your offensive catalysts is being trapped, double-teamed and generally harassed when he has the ball, what do you do? If you're Erik Spoelstra, you situate him off the ball, then run stuff that gets him on the move in the half court. For Wade, who'd been the primary target of the Sixers' defense for two games, that formula jump-started his game.

We saw it from the very outset, on Wade's first field goal. The Heat ran their bread-and-butter elbow "double" set, with Wade and LeBron James set up in the corners, and Ilgauskas and Bosh at the elbows. The ball went into Bosh, while Big Z set a pin-down for James, who streaked up from the corner to receive the pass from Bosh. Once that happened, Bosh set a similar pindown for Wade, who came curling around the screen like he was shot out of a cannon. Jrue Holiday tried to meet Wade in the paint, but with Wade moving at full speed, the Sixers' guard didn't have a chance -- an easy layup at the cup for Wade.

Just before halftime, we saw James reward Wade for working off the ball. Looking for a two-for-one with about 35 seconds to go in the half, James rumbled down the floor and into the paint. Wade manned the left corner. The Sixers' defense almost seemed to expect the Heat to deliberately move into a half-court set, but James never stopped moving. He drove down the left edge of the paint, drawing Wade's man, Jrue Holiday, in the process. At that instant, Wade cut along the baseline, caught a laser beam from James and finished with a reverse layup and-1.

When Wade wasn't curling in those elbow sets and wreaking havoc along the baseline, he leaked out in transition -- a surefire way to avoid a trap or double-team. He also took advantage of a few of those 20 Miami offensive rebounds where he could work against a Sixers' defense that hadn't fully recovered. Take a possession at the 2:20 mark of third quarter. Mike Bibby collected a missed James Jones 3-pointer. Realizing the Sixers' defense was scrambled, Wade immediately darted to the block where he could post up Jodie Meeks. James punched it in and Wade went to work quickly before the Sixers could send help. Wade attacked the rim, where he got fouled by Spencer Hawes.

By yielding ball-handling responsibilities to his point guards and, later, James, Wade was able to rev up his engine off the ball, get help in the form of down screens, then attack without having two guys on him.
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