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Biggest issue to be addressed is PF.

Gortat was awesome a back up for him would be nice, but not totally necessary. RLo is pretty close to awful on most nights but can spell Gortat for now.

Stevie, I say keep him. Getting trash and shitty salaries does nothing for us. Said it before, he has his millions to be happy with a mediocore team.

Carter is going, it's not if and how.. he is. I think theres a team option or its a buyout or something like that, but everything I've heard says he's gone. And good ridance

Our wings are covered. Not great players but JDud and Piet are a solid group. We still have GHill who was a ridiculous defender for us this year. Saw Mike Wilbon pick him for hardwood hero award or something like that. He was a beast defensively.

Arron Brooks is a solid backup to Nash, I think he's a solid stop gap until Phx gets it's next big time point guard. (unless brooks becomes the big time point guard.. but I doubt it) But look at Phx all the way back, we always have a really good pg.. so he's coming.. whoever he might be. Dowdell?

Somewhere we have to find a legit shooter.. so maybe I was wrong when I said our wings are good, they can hit the 3 ball, and are strong defensively but we need a sharpshooter. Maybe we can find that in this years draft.

Honestly, I don't think we'll find a pf in the draft. I don't know enough to say whether we could find a sharpshooter (in the draft) so who knows? We could do some trades, but I don't see us sending nash to say the T-Wolves for Love... which I would do, I just think managment wouldn't be cruel to Nash. Contenders don't have anything... and please God don't give him up for Bosh. I think to do this right we'll have to put up with some crappy (but not awful) years for a while. Trades really are the wild card though... so who really knows.
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