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Default Mandatory Changes Needed

In this thread, please post all of the mandatory changes needed to be made to improve our teams franchise. Post what the New York Knicks need, how can this be done, or any example of what shouldn't be touched.

Changes needed to be made:
-Roster development
Changes within our Roster is necessary. We need a legit 5 man lineup, with a legit back up of each starter. This Free Agency were going to need to pick up people worthy enough to fill up the missing pieces our team needs. There is no reason why Jared Jeffries is starting, he should not be starting, he's as good as it gets as a back up because he is no more then a role player.

-Coaching staff modifications
If it's possible to get our offensive coordinators to stay, replace Mike D'Antoni with someone who will run defense. Who will give our team what it needs during crunch time, making the best moves made for the right moment. Someone who will challenge referees, & his players themselves.


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