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Default Re: Mandatory Changes Needed

Originally Posted by Nickel06
WROOOOOOONG!!! While i dont care for all of Dantonis coaching decisions and moves, we at the very least owe this guy the benefit of a full year with a full team. he hasnt had a fair shot since he came here til now. i say give him next year to see what he can do, and if he flops, then u move on. but not before. also everybody wants doc or phil to be next, but i had a dark horse in mind; lawrence frank. hey he coaches D for celts now and he has had success with a good team here b4.

Dude has been here for 3 years, and the first 2 he was given a complete pass on. I don't think asking him to just be competitive in the first playoff game in MSG in 7 years is asking too much, since we gave him that pass to lose in the first 2 years. He can't even manage the clock nor make good substitutions. It seems like he isn't even trying, or he doesn't care.
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