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Default Re: Mandatory Changes Needed

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Dude has been here for 3 years, and the first 2 he was given a complete pass on. I don't think asking him to just be competitive in the first playoff game in MSG in 7 years is asking too much, since we gave him that pass to lose in the first 2 years. He can't even manage the clock nor make good substitutions. It seems like he isn't even trying, or he doesn't care.

I agree, its not asking too much. As for his faults, well tell me one coach who doesnt have them. And for not trying or caring, that may be true, but guess what, it takes the players trying and caring too, and last night i really didnt see too much of that from them. Mike could have a stroke yellin at players, if they dont listen or dont care, its not gonna matter a damn bit.
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