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Default Re: Mandatory Changes Needed

We don't owe D'Antoni anything.Yea he hasn't had a full year with this current roster but he's been here 3 years.He also had multiple years with PHX. Our two problems are we don't have much talent and we don't play defense.Walsh is responsible this summer for bringing in some talent.D'Antoni hasn't shown throughout his entire career that he can coach a team that plays respectable defense.I don't know what one year is going to do to change anything.Fool me once shame on you,fool me twice shame on me. Well this lis more like fool me 10 times if this guy gets yet another chance to show the world he can't coach defense.

This summer,all I want to see is Amare,Melo,Fields and Shawne Williams. Everyone else can go.Now I know we're contractually obligated 2 others but those are the 4 guys I wanna keep.Im on the fence about Chauncey.

The entire coaching staff needs to be shown their walking papers.

We even need to bring Gus Johnson back n hopefully coerce Raftery also lol
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