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Default Re: Tristan Thompson declares for the draft

Although I really like Davis' game, one of the reasons I would favour Thompson instead is the personality and motivation difference. Throughout the year, I sometimes felt like Davis didn't enjoy being in Toronto by how he spoke to the media. He also doesn't seem to be very excited or motivated when he plays.

Ed Davis is just calm. Doesn't get to high when we win and doesn't get to low when we lose, I don't see anything wrong with that as long as he is still effective on the court.

On the other hand, Thompson is a guy that is full of energy and would love to play in his home country. He seems genuinely motivated to get better, reminiscent of Demar Derozan.

I haven't read anywhere that Ed Davis is not looking to improve. In fact I read that his dad was looking to make him better by forcing him to gain weight. I don't see anything wrong with him and Toronto as well, hes more quiet and laid back, while someone like Demar wants to be a leader.
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