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Default Re: The 2011 Draft Prospect Thread

just noticed that late last month "net income" wrote a nice article evaluating billy king's ability as a drafter and as a GM. in essence, the kind of article i would have liked to have written, had i the time and the skill.

here's a couple excerpts, plus the link:
Even the best GM makes mistakes in the draft, of course. Joe Dumars took Darko Milicic and Sam Presti traded Roddy Beaubois for Byron Mullens. Billy King made a few too, but a review of King's time in Philly indicates he did well when picking in the lottery, found solid NBA players at the end of the first round and discovered value deep into the second. He also signed at least one undrafted player, Raja Bell, who became a top-notch defender.

His best skill is finding value late and with the Nets having a late first rounder and an early second rounder, that's a good thing. As one of his former players in Philly, Eric Snow, told Al Iannazzone last summer, "Hes got a great feel for the unseen."
A GM who can find any value after #40 (MacColluch, Green, Korver and Williams...Korver and Greene in the same draft); get solid NBA talents late in the first round (Claxton, Dalembert, Salmons); and use lottery picks to get players like Iguodala and Young deserves respect.


Billy King is a tinkerer. He absolutely loves to deal on Draft Night. As a Sixers' executive, King made 14 draft-day trades from 1998-2007 that involved picks. On three Draft Nights, he made three 2002, 2006 and 2007.
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