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Default 76ers win over Heat - what it means...

I realize its only 1 game period. A good game to watch. Lot of sloppy play in the 3 q - but still fun.

Seriously though - the lesson I think is look at the hero's of the game. Jrue H and Lou Williams. Both guys in big pressure situations making some great plays. Solid draft picks too - netiher are number 1 overall.

Makes me even more committed to seeing what the young core of Derozan Davis Johnson Baylis and Draft pick 2011 et al can do here.

I was on the fence early in the seasom - thought adding a couple of high quality players (Ike was one for example) with the trade exception would keep the team competative for the playoffs and more. I was dead set against totally retooling the team..

I guess I gotta admit my mistake.

Nice win Philly - heres hoping you get 1 more !

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