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Default Re: OT: Ludacris is a sell out and a disgrace

Originally Posted by -primetime-
all good pionts i guess...we all have our opinions on who is pretty and who isn't...

I just can't help but to think that is a little bit ridiculas for a group of guys on the internet to say that she is too ugly for them...I bet most of them wish that thier wives or girl friends looked that good...lets face it, she isn't famous because she is down right ugly...
I wouldn't say she's "too ugly" for me. I just don't find her to be at all attractive. Which may not seem to be much of a difference, but it's there. She looks like an addict (probably is) and wears a ton of make-up.
is not curvy.
is not "hot."
This picture that I am linking to and putting on the board with an R-rated warning is pure skank, and evidence of how bad some girls can get without the make-up kit applied by experts. Throw in that she's completely vapid and quite frankly, I don't want her...well, I'd date her for her money, but if she was just some girl I met on the bus I wouldn't look at her twice. And without her make crew and stylists she'd be even less attractive than she already is, though if she was actually exposed to the real world it may do her some good.

And on a side note, I guarantee that, being a proper anorexic, she did not finish eating the sandwich she bit in the video you're drooling over (go find some real porn if you're going to bother with that kind of crap) and probably vomited out the one bite she took once the camera stopped rolling.

The woman is the most nonsensical media-created "celebrity" since Pauly Shore. No talent, not even slightly entertaining in any way, not pretty, just paid attention to, incessantly...why? It's amazing. I am someone that never watches E!, doesn't read gossip columns or People magazine, and yet I almost know her life story. No matter what, everyday, I find myself seeing her name or hearing about her latest useless, boring escapade. Why do I know that she doesn't wear panties? Kabbalah? I bet she doesn't even know how to spell the word, let alone what it actually stands for.

But hey, if you think "that's hot" then good for you. To show that there are no hard feelings, I'll give you one more part to that video you thought was so awesome:
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