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Default Re: SinJackal predicts spurs in 5-6 games!

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
So true.

Didn't you get the memo though? Kobe is the only great player of his era and the Lakers are the only good team.

Even though the Spurs aren't done.....they just suck.

I HOPE that the Lakers get past an "inferior" Hornets team. In any case, no one will be ripping any of my posts about bragging about how great the Lakers are. If, by some chance, they win another title...great. I would be thrilled. But, win-or-lose, I will never pile on, nor will I boast, either.

It would be enough for me that they won.

One other thing...I won't lose any sleep if they don't win it, either. There are FAR bigger issues in my life than to stress out over a basketball game.
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