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Default Re: 4-25-11: OKC @ Denver - Game 4 - Time to break out the brooms?

Finally! I just wish instead of Maynor (or along with), we still had Weaver or Livingston, because they are both big 2 guards who can legitimately play the 1 and move Westbrook off the ball when he gets in ridiculous turn over everything mode, which is pretty much nightly. Plus, I want Scottie Brooks to steal some of the plays Chi runs with taking DRose off the ball an running him off screens to get it back.

As for the sweep, seems unlikely. I think NBA guys have too much pride, even though they probably have become ok with the fact they won't win and logically could be on the golf course or back home in the case of the international guys about 3 days earlier if they just fizzle out tonight, don't think they will.

And that shit didn't count, but Maynor has hit quite a few of those this yr
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