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Default Re: 76ers win over Heat - what it means...

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
What is means is that they have a great supporting cast and are in need of a superstar. If they had a Lebron James calibur guy on their roster, this series would 3-1 rather than 1-3.

Maybe - that is a fair assessment

Another potential is: Could also be that Philly will develop into a Pistons type team (the championship team). Lots of core pieces without a shinning superstar albiet Rip Tayshawn Billups and Big Ben were "elite - lite" in their day.

Of all the teams to win championships the last 20 years (Lakers, Celtics, Heat, Bulls) most relied on a combination of superstars but the Pistons and Spurs team argueably relied on complete rosters.

(I know the Spurs are debatable as TDunc is an elite superstar - but everyone else on the team is "kinda elite lite").

Indiana - maaaaybe.... gotta see where they go. I am not convinced yet.
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