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Default Rumor is Donnie Walsh wants to keep Billups next season

According to a team source, Walsh wants to keep Billups even at the inflated price for a player who will turn 35 in September. If Dolan, or whoever is advising Dolan (wink, wink) decides to go in a different direction, that could cause more friction between the Knicks' president and the team owner. In his exit interview, Billups used the opportunity to make a compelling case as to why he should return. He reminded everyone, D'Antoni included, that he's the perfect leader to handle two high-maintenance superstars. NY Daily News

Chauncey Billups hardly had a chance to live up to his "Mr. Big Shot" moniker in the NBA playoffs. If the Knicks guard gets his way, he'll give it another go with New York in 2011-12. "I would love the opportunity to really try it up with these guys," Billups said after Boston completed a four-game sweep Sunday to knock the Knicks out of the playoffs. "Not like play 30 games after a trade, like really have a season." Detroit Free Press
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