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Default Re: April 27th, Playoffs Round 1, Denver @ OKC Game 5

Originally Posted by dunksby
Westbrook gotta control that flow of emotion soon or Maynor has got my vote to start!
I mean I don't know what has gotten into him this last game and the start of this one. Sure, he has taken bad shots, played shitty d, and made overall bad decisions before, but never over an entire game which is why you generally don't mind sticking with him because he will eventually figure it back out. But the last game and start of this 1, there hasn't been that moment where he gets it and makes smarter plays.

I wonder if it's just some dumb shit like his girlfriend broke up with him, or if he really is just feeling himself all of a sudden and wants to prove a point. Maybe it has to do with Rose, or more likely has to do with Felton, but either way he's going about it totally wrong.
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