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Default Re: April 27th, Playoffs Round 1, Denver @ OKC Game 5

People need to stop with the ref BS. Denver won one game. It's like the Knicks series. Look at the ends of game 1 and 2, specifically game 1. We got a bunch of bad calls against us. But we won NO games. Denver won ONE game. WE WOULD HAVE WON IF THE REFS NOT CHEATED US AND THESE FIVE CALLS WENT THE OTHER WAY OVER THESE THREE GAMES!

They LOST. OKC was better. Before the series i said it's hard fought within the games, but OKC wins in 4 or 5. Well, it was hard fought but OKC won in four or five. OKC is VERY good. I honestly think if this is Dallas right now Denver is still playing with a chance to knock them out (I said that to). But you don't get to lose 4-1 and say "we were cheated!"
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