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Default Re: April 27th, Playoffs Round 1, Denver @ OKC Game 5

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Whole point is the refs let the basketball interference slide. They called a back court violoation, and rightfully so. Called it back. Gave the ball to the Thunder.

Denver lost fair and square nobodies denying that. Let's let OKC finish em off not the refs tho. Better team, played better etc. No need for that.

funny thing is we got an NBA apology.
Yes, that call was horrific but the officiating that entire game was horrific. That was just the cherry on thie shit officiating sundae. That was the climax of literally one of the worst days of NBA officiating ever.

Look, Denver played balls out, some guys established themselves as total keepers AND got playoff experience to boot, and some guys stamped their ticket out of town and not a moment too soon. If you are in charge who do you keep?

Me, it's Affalo, Nene (if cost effective), Lawson and Gallo are musts if at all possible. Chandler, JR Smith, KMart (i love him but those knees at this age going forward? maybe if he's cheap), Felton (i don't think his presence will help Lawson develop) are not needed.


And Kurple, i have no time to search for an avi but let's just say i was right about OKC winning and you were right about Denver being a tough out and call it a day.
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