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Default Re: Second Round Preview - Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks

Lakers don't have it in them. The new age has taken over the game. It's time you old timers move on now too. Your teams are as good as done.

The Miami Heat make every other team in the NBA look feeble. LeBron and Wade dont even have to try at this point. They're going to play straight street ball on these clowns on their way to winning a championship.

The Celtics and Lakers are basically running on fumes right now. While all these west teams will be going through back to back grueling 7-game series. The Heat are just going to sweep every team from here on out, and they'll be well rested up for the Finals. You heard it here first.

LeBron and D.Wade on fresh legs for the Finals? Kobe and the Lakers are done. Kobe's knees are already shot as it is, imagine what one of D.Wade's patented crossovers would do to them. I sense career ending caliber crossovers in Kobe's near future. The game has just evolved past them. prime Jordan or a prime Kobe wouldn't be able to compete with a LeBron or D.Wade. It's just a new generation. The next generation has already taken over. The Tim Duncan's, Kevin Garnett's and Kobe Bryant's of the world are irrelevant at this point, The Heat are the face of this youth takeover.

You can't stand the Heat GTFO the kitchen. It's a no contest as far as I'm concerned. There's not even a need for me to watch the NBA playoffs this year, I already know who's going to win. The Heat are that far ahead of the game. It's easy to them, and Boston is scared of a Heat team with developed chemistry. Kobe couldn't win the title this year even if the NBA allowed the Lakers to sign Dwight Howard as an unrestricted Free Agent. He could get added to the playoff roster tomorrow, and the Lakers still wouldn't stand a chance against the Heat in the Finals.

The Heat are going to completely ETHER every team they play from here on out. They aren't playing with these rookies. It's game time now, you old ass washed up veterans need to fall back and stop acting like they stand a chance against my Heat.
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