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Default Re: Knicks brass may try to force Mike D'Antoni to bring on a defensive-minded assistant

Originally Posted by Clutch
I think you have just described D'Antoni
No, he's total opposite of Frank. D'Antoni's players play for him hard. Remember when Amare and Diaw got suspended? The role players busted ass to win that game. He's just not prepared. I used to think he didn't stress defense enough but that isn't it - he's not able to make pre game and in game adjustments that other coaches do. He's very slow to react. The Knicks play hard but have no good core philosophy on defense. Effort doesn't work when every mistake leads to a hoop because there is no help strategy.

Lawrence Frank is the opposite. He makes fantastic adjustments, specifically pre game. I think you can argue pre game he makes better game plans than most coaches. but the Nets played for him like he was not even there. They'd suck, he'd be yelling at them and they'd walk by him like "Dude, please don't think i care". It was like he was not even there. I think in Boston he might be fine because he's working now for Rivers, the players already know him, and they are a very veteran bunch already set in their ways. A new team? Star heavy? I don't like it.

Keep D'Antoni, bring in a good assistant. Then in a year go talk to Doc Rivers unless things are 100% better. THAT makes sense to me.
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