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Default Re: Knicks brass may try to force Mike D'Antoni to bring on a defensive-minded assistant

Originally Posted by bagelred
Yeah, I was just making a point. You really don't want to force an assistant coach down the head coach's throat. D'antoni is not just an "employee". He's not an office clerk. He's your $5 million a year Head Coach.

I believe MDA will be here one more year. No extension. But I'm not convinced he will definitely be gone after that.
It's a suggestion, one MDA would be wise to take. If it were something ridiculous like "i'm hiring a second coach to be your co-coach and approve your moves" it's one thing. But he is being asked (if this is true) to get an assistant to help him in an area he does not excel. That's reasonable, and if MDA declines it shows me he is more worried about hsi system than improvement. This is not about his ego, this is about our team and their success and if he cannot push his ego down to accomplish this than he can go **** himself.
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