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Default Re: is it predicting a dynasty?

Originally Posted by Stuckey
GOD DAMMIT, there should be "easy" after "it"

in nba or in any other league

i thought shaq was inevitably going to have a dynasty didn't expect 3peat (but the kings are the champs in my mind)

did you guys know for sure that the dynasties that occurred were inevitable?

i guess magic/kareem/worthy was an inevitable one? i wouldnt know

what other dynasties have you predicted?

it would shock me if the heat win 3 in a row

They are the champs of what? Choking?

You want to get into a game 6 discussion blame the refs etc. Fine game 6 the Kings lost it calls went the Lakers way but that happen in sports. After their house in crazy a$$ Arco with the Lakers on the road. Great game that went to OT with both teams playing great. NOPE can't blame the refs in this one called fair and square. And hwat happens in OT? Peja jacks up shots...Webber does not want to shoot...and Mini Me aka Mike Bibby goes cold. Shaq, Kobe, and Rick Fox of all people hit clutch shots and win the game. If the Kings where gunna win that series they would of showed up in OT but they didn't. They laid a f*cking egg. Now get out of here with that Kings in my heart are the champs...reality says f*ck you 3 peat Lakers.

BTW I predicted this Laker team when they got Pau and the emergence of Bynum would by a more title to go.
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