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Default Re: Knicks brass may try to force Mike D'Antoni to bring on a defensive-minded assistant

You can hire the greatest defensive mind the world has ever seen but if D'antoni doesn't give them practice time to practice defense what good does that do?

STAT said himself while in Phx that they didn't even touch defense in practice, the entire time they worked on offense. Which makes me when I hear D'antoni in press conferences saying they need to play better on defense. HOW MIKE? You don't have a defense except "don't let the guy score" mantra you tell your guys you idiot.

D'antoni is a gonner imo. He was only hired to lure free agnts to NY due to his great offensive mind and ability to hide players weaknesses, we all saw how that went... you get STAT who not many teams really went hard at because NY was knocking on his door with a 100mil at 12:01. Then you got..... Anthony Randolph, Buke and Ronny Turiaf, wow, such a great haul
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