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Default Re: CJ Watson, on twitter, "Congrats to DRose for winning the MVP."

Originally Posted by Kellogs4toniee
Dang man that's a big dose of haterade you drank today. I know New York has struggled recently, but like you mentioned so has the Bulls for pretty much over a decade straight. Hang in there buddy.

my user name has nothing to do with it.

It has to do with the Clippers, the Bucks, the Raptors, etc etc etc

Why doesn't Stern oust Clipper owner Donald Sterling after it was found that his business strategy was to operate at the lowest possible cost rather than spending the money to WIN. Sterling has been in there since the 80's.

Things like that. Why isn't the league made more fair in other ways? Why isn't there a franchise tag that would prevent EVERYONE from always leaving Toronto? You think they'll EVER win a title?

Come on man...the league is fked up and YOU KNOW IT.
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