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Default Re: Knicks brass may try to force Mike D'Antoni to bring on a defensive-minded assistant

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
If he won't accept a defensive assistant I don't see what's to keep them from firing him. It's not like he's done an amazing job and is irreplaceable. Team could be better off if they hired away a guy like Lawrence Frank from the Cs as his replacement.

But I will agree with those that say if D'Antoni is replaced the new coach needs to be not only a better defensive coach but also a big personality that can deal with egos, because getting the most out of the Knicks may well involve forcing Melo to change his attitude towards defense as well as sharing the basketball. I remember when Doc Rivers came here, he had to bench Pierce to get him playing the way he wanted. Will the new coach have the guts to bench Anthony if/when he doesn't conform, and will management back that coach up?

I agree with your post, but did Doc bench Pierce during the losing season before KG and Ray got there?
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