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Default Re: May 1: Playoffs Round 2, Celtics at Heat, Game 1

Originally Posted by DMAVS41

This is what I will never understand about Wade. No matter how he plays or what he many people have to come up with reasons as to why the other team made mistakes or just "suck".

The Hornets just blew when Wade played great as a rookie.
The pistons were garbage the next 2 years. The Mavs sucked. The refs.
The Celtics let Wade get his.

Every good game this guy has ever had people have tried to discount it. Its getting really annoying after 8 years of great games and great play.

So true. I feel like Wade has been under-appreciated his entire career, probably because LeBron took nearly all the spotlight when they went into the draft together. Wade did great things in Miami, but since LeBron was under a microscope since he was 17 so the gravitas and attention followed him as he took a suck franchise, put it on his back, and made the Cavaliers relevant, which seemed impossible. Wade shot to the forefront only when he got his championship, and even then, people only begrudgingly accepted him into the Top 5 convo.

I guess it can all be attributed to this;
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