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Default Re: OT: Are My Rightful Privileges Of Freedom Of Speech Being Violated When I'm Banned?

Originally Posted by NASH = BEST
This last post proves my point! Why is it that the poster of this comment doesnt get banned for this, It clearly violates the "FRIENDLY" rule of ISH, yet nothing is going to be done about it!! Is it because it's a comment directed towards a poster that most disagree with? I hope it's not the case but it would seem that there is a double standard on this board.

I got banned for something alot smaller than this...
It was that one day that ISH was running kind of slow, we were all playing the "NBA team elimination game". I had copied the last post and submitted my votes in with it, by the time it went through, 4 other Laker fans had posted ahead of me. Since they had all voted against the Suns, My post had the un-Updated version and I was accused of cheating. I never got the chance to apologise cause I had been banned. The Mods pm'd me and had said that they had received around 10 complaints about me cheating on the thread (I assume all Laker fans). I pm'd them back and explained what had happened, the messaged me back with an apology and allowed me to return.

Atleast they were fair in the end.

if it makes you feel any better, i get banned plenty of times. the most recent being last sunday night/monday morning.
edit: oh, and my posts get deleted too. i just dont come back b*tching and moaning about it. your not special. jeff isnt out to "get you" quit being a drama queen.
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