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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Cant wait for episode 4 tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
The background on the Targaryean family is really helpfull, and has made what has seemed pretty cheesey stuff, like the brother's repeated warnings to the sister about not "awakening the dragon" make a lot more sense.

That and it really clarified King Robert's ascension, the reason for the rebellion, and his awkward relationship with the Lannisters.

I do find it odd that Ned and King Robert have so much resentment for Jamie Lannister for his stabbing the mad king in the back when he was responsible for the death of their sister / would be wife.

Maybe it has them questioning how trustworthy he could be? While he did kill a guy that they hated. The way in which he did it could be percieved as slimy. If he could knife a man in the back who is to say he wouldnt take that oppurtunity to do the same to Ned or Robert?

I could be offbase and maybe there is more to the story that we dont know. But thats just my guess. The phrase sticking a knife in someones back has never been a positive one. Maybe they feel he did it out of an agenda.
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