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Default Re: OT: Are My Rightful Privileges Of Freedom Of Speech Being Violated When I'm Banne

Originally Posted by NASH = BEST
99.9% of God followers thought that Galileo was retarded and that his ideas were "OFF THE WALL" just cause he proposed that the Earth revolved around the Sun. They took him to court and even threatened to burn him. It turns out that they were the retards and Galileo was right all along.

Okay, now explain to me why it is that if 80% of the "General Public" disagrees with you, you are considered a retard.

That's an absolutely ridiculous comparison. Are you saying that if someone came on here denying the Holocaust, you'd use this very same logic to defend it? Some arguments and opinions are just stupid and add nothing to the board.

Somewhere along the line, you'll discover the difference between reasonable discourse and trolling.
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