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Default Re: May 7: Playoffs Round 2, Thunder at Grizzlies, Game 3

The Thunder have to do a better job of getting KD the ball. But most of that responsibility goes to KD Brooks and Westbrook equally. KD is not shielding defenders when setting up and just getting him the ball is a challenge. Brooks isn't running enough plays for him. Westbrook has to be patient when there's time on the clock still and finds ways to get him the ball.

Westbrook is getting killed for not getting KD the ball in this series. But I'm not seeing a ton of opportunity to get him the ball. KD's being denied and this is where he needs to get stronger to hold opponents off and fight through traffic.

It's really a 3 person problem IMO. And if either one of them had been better at it last night OKC would have won.
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