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Default Re: OT: Are My Rightful Privileges Of Freedom Of Speech Being Violated When I'm Banne

Originally Posted by NASH = BEST
That's an absolutely ridiculous comparison. Are you trying to compare the Holocaust to everyday basketball jargon? Some arguments and opinions are just stupid and add nothing to the board but the're still someones thoughts and beliefs so why deny them of their Freedom Of Speech?

Um, I just used your exact logic against you. I'm glad you noticed it was ridiculous, though. You were the one trying to compare early scientific suppression to a basketball opinion. E.g., just because 90% of people think something is wrong, doesn't mean it is. Am I right in assuming that's what you meant?

Freedom of speech does not apply in a message board. You're essentially on private property. The moderators can do as they please. Being here is a privilege, not a right.

A moderator may remove certain posts because:

1) They fail to express anything besides an opinion. Especially if done so repeatedly.
2) They're foul mouthed.
3) They insult fellow posters.
4) General lack of IQ.
5) Poster is getting into a side argument that is dragging down the thread. E.g., any time a discussion about Kobe enters a topic when he's not relevant.
6) It's a completely off topic post or thread.
7) They criticize the moderators.

All are completely legitimate reasons to remove a post or ban a person. Hell, Jeff could just start banning people at random if he really wanted to. It's his website; he's free to do as he pleases. Of course that would end up harming him in the long run since it would diminish the community, but the point still stands.

If someone comes into your home and they're rude or obnoxious, would you not banish them from your home? Think of ISH as a home. You're invited to join in, but respect the house rules.
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