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Default Re: Derek Fisher not retiring just yet

Originally Posted by brownmamba00
8.2 PPG 3.6 APG 2.7 RPP 43% FG this playoffs and his defense is average at best at this point of his career

He brings leadership to the team but still
he should come of the bench next year, we need a PG a la Teague next year.
Someone who can drive and defend.

I agree that a younger/more talented point guard is on the to do list but if it is not addressed which is very possible and they are left with Fish and Blake again next season then why bother benching him in favor of Blake? Less minutes i can understand but benching him given the same situation seems like a sideways move.

In relation to his defense i believe it's on par with most point guards who are past their athletic prime, the lakers had a system to funnel quick point guards towards the big men and he executed it fine. Only reason he gets so much flak is because he's on the highest profile team in the league and he doesn't bring as much on O as some other point guards who still get decent minutes that are over 30.
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