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Default Re: Stuckey #2 RFA 2011

Always looking for new members if you are legit. Welcome aboard.

As far as the thread, I'd love to land the top 2 RFAs somehow!

Interesting question to pose. Memphis wants to save salary, so they offer up Gasol for Monroe and Prince in a S and T. They replace Gasol and Battier for less than what it costs to sign Gasol alone. I just don't know if a team in Memphis can afford to pay Gay,Randolph,Conley and now Gasol too.

Why would we do it? We finally got a talented young big that we drafted who is cheap and good. However, I think Gasol is more of a true center and has a higher ceiling than Monroe to some degree. Gasol has the size to bang with guys like Dwight and Bynum as well as the strength and skill to be an offensive force on the low block, another thing we lack. Pair him with some athletic PFs like Jerebko and Vessely/Thompson/Biyombo and we have a nice looking frontline.
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