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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
The Suns should, right now, desperately beg New Jersey to trade them Marcus for for the 2 PGs they drafted and pray. Nets got a gift from God, and the Suns are just going downward.

Although I do think Sergio Rod will turn out good. But seriously, Rajon Rondo? Why not just trade the god damn pick. He is a precise physical copy of a guy they already have, only without any skill whatsoever.

Ahh wonderboy is out to clown guys with his complete lack of college basketball.. again!

Rondo is a speedy PG who was acknowledged several times throughout the duration of the season because of the Athletic Ability translates to NBA success theory, which also benefits Rudy Gay.

You know what I'm talking about right?

And what do you actually know about Rajon. He was the heart of Kentucky past year, and is one of the best defenders/penetrators/ballhandlers in all of CBB. As a PG i would rate him third to Lowry and M. Williams. Who cares if he can't shoot well? The guy can find a way around his bigazz dinnerplate hands, preferrably bank shots or layups (what he'z a king at)

I'm just telling you GeeWhiz, you're the man and all but calm the ***** down on your opinoins you got a lot of "credibility" as an NBA poster, but no need to confuse the beginners of CBB, cuz you for one, are an uninformed one yourself.
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