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Default I just don't get it!

*Example* Denver drafts Leon Powe with the 49th pick then trades him to Boston for a future second rounder. Powe is a second team all-american from Cal with an average of 20 and 10 and a history of Knee problems.

Where I get confused is why do teams draft a player in the second round that has the pototential to be a contributer and trade him for nothing in return. Powe is a banger down low who has skills and brings alot of energy and was in the late first round of several mock drafts. There is no obligation for a second round pick, no guarenteed money, no guarenteed spot. The best thing that could happen would be for the guy to develop into a major contributer to a ball club. The worst thing that could happen is for him to reinjure his knee or simply fall off the radar. It's like buying a lottery ticket and if you dont win you get your money back.

Anyway could someone please explain why teams make these trades?

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