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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3

Originally Posted by ukballer
Every single one of you guys will be picking this up, regardless. Lets not front. I'll give Battlefield 3 a go, but I just think CoD is more my style of game, multiplayer wise. This isn't saying Battlefield is worse online, course not. But I just enjoy the style of play CoD provides. Smaller maps, more action. Guess I'm not much of a tactician, hence why I suck at BC2.

I'm excited about it, even with the lack of details right now. I loved MW2, prefer it over Black Ops, so if I can get something similar, but slightly evolved to MW2, I'll be a happy guy. At least I'm expecting some good hit detection, something which frustrates me so much in Black Ops, so it'll be nice to go back to the MW2 like feel, I hope.

You're exactly right, they offer two dynamic styles of gameplay that draw certain players.

I think when it really boils down to it, people who enjoy playing in a team environment play BF, and people who are more run and run-loaner types play MW.

I'm way happier going like 5-0 as a recon sniper, helping my team win by covering MCOM's, painting enemies than I would be going 30-5 in a deathmatch in MW2 and losing.

Because if you do your job right in BF, you're going to win, there's literally nothing the other team can do. In MW2, from what I've experienced, there's always that one crazy good guy that will take out your entire team and go 78-0. BF is way too balanced to let that happen. It just...never happens no matter how good someone is, you can't take over a game single-handed.
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