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Default Re: Will Minnesota take Irving with first pick?

Originally Posted by bleedinpurpleTwo
apparently a lot of clubs think very very highly of Rubio.
He is already NBA-caliber defender and passer. All he has to work on is his outside shooting, which is comparatively easy. He has more experience than just about any kid in this draft, against better competition.
There is a reason Minny has been begging him to sign-up. There is a reason that clubs have approached Minny about varying trade scenarios.
Having said that, I think Irving will be a superstar. Rubio will be a starter, but not a superstar. jmo.
I'll just put it like this... If the Cavs traded EITHER of their lottery picks for the rights to Rubio, I just might have to find a different team to root for. I just don't see it.
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