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Default Re: Jonas Valanciunas - possible top 5 pick

Originally Posted by alenleomessi
there are some good players in this draft i dont know whats with the weak draft talk
i guess we will see few years from now
I think discussing the strength of a draft prior to any of these guys playing a single NBA game is senseless. I mean, I understand that people like to use their own evaluations to project how players will turn out on the next level, but no one really knows if this is a strong draft, a weak draft or a mediocre draft.

We can check back in a few years from now and then have a real idea about the strength of this draft. I agree with you... There is a lot of potential in this draft, especially at the top.

There seems to be a few really nice international prospects in Valanciunas, Kanter, Vesely, Biyombo and Motiejunas. All of those guys may be gone within the Top 10.
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