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Default Re: Bird, Morway to return

Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
It would have been a shame if Bird didnt get the chance to finish the project he started. For the past 3 years he has had his hands tied with big and long contracts. Last year he acquired Darren Collison and drafted Hibbert and Tyler in the years before. Now they have a very bright future with all that money coming off the books and all of the core guys there. They are still a couple of pieces away, but they are in the right direction. they gave Bulls all they could handle
It's Bird's gig as long as he wants it from every quote I've ever read/heard from Mel Simon. About every time he talks about the subject at some point he says something like, "I love Larry, he can stay as long as he wants."

I'm still somewhat mixed on Bird. I like what he's done so far being, like you said, hamstrung financially with bad deals. Speaking of which, Dunleavy was apparently going to be moved at the deadline but he broke his hand literally the night before so that ended that. He got DC for TROY FRIGGIN MURPHY. He's done a solid job in my opinion.

But now, no excuses. Granger played like he was an All Star again against Chicago (surprising what happens to a "franchise player" when you give him some hope y'know), Paul George should honestly be the best player on the squad by the time next season closes, Hansbrough CAN play in the NBA (even if he's not a starter), Hibbert...meh, I dunno, go back and forth. I put a premium on him strictly because he's a young true C that has some legitimate skills and adore his approach to the game and the community, but the people that expect him making an All Star team are kidding themselves. Too limited physically and emotionally to be that kind of C, sometimes I wonder if Bird's too stuck in the late 80s/early 90s with Hibbert.

But yeah, anyway, getting to the point, this offseason is what defines Bird as an executive for me. Tons of capspace, a number of solid young pieces, a great scorer/shooter on a solid contract in Granger. Now use it, build us a future contender. I'm not talking overnight, not expecting to win 55 games next year, nothing like that, just don't blow the wad on overpaying a David West or trading for Kevin Martin, stuff like that. I don't want to sign any FA's to be honest, not "marquee" ones anyway, this FA crop stinks. Use the capspace to bring in talent in a lopsided salary dump type deal. Iguodala, Varejao, maybe Josh Smith if Atlanta's had enough playoff disappointment, guys like that. Whatever happens in the future, right now I'm satisfied and there is finally a future for the franchise in clear sight.

Now just to get a coach, but that's another rambling response.
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