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Default Re: Jonas Valanciunas - possible top 5 pick

Originally Posted by Silenttristo
How old are you? Really?! Can no-one have a differing opinion to you? You have shown to have a great knowledge of a solid young prospect, and that's great, but why is madmax not allowed to give his take on a prospect?

Yeah, I know I've only got a handful of posts, but that doesn't mean I don't lurk hear all the ****ing time. You are a **** to most people on this forum, and something needs to be said about it.

Go **** yourself, you ****ing child.

Well he's pretty well versed in NBA, college, high school, 12 & under, semi pro and any international league outside of America. I remember he talked about a guy in Philly who played at a local rec league and broke down his game. Amazing to say the least. Somewhere a 6yr old is getting yelled at by mum for making a ton of noise on his nerf set. But Grinder has the scouting report on the kid.
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