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Default Re: May 15: Playoffs 2nd round, Grizzlies at Thunder, Game 7

Originally Posted by Hulk Hogan
Your bulls...

You are a funny guy. Is that what they taught you in the institution for your emotional stability? Jump on another team's bandwagon and all will be well?

I actually want Bulls to win the championship and Rose to get finals MVP!

You're the only one bandwagoning here, dipshit. I've been a clear Bulls fan since I joined ISH in 2009. If you did more than just make Lakers troll threads, and troll Spurs threads, you would've seen my thousands of Bulls fan posts on ISH. So you jumped on the Grizz bandwagon, the wheels fell off, so you're jumping on the Bulls bandwagon. GTFO, we don't want the cursed troll cheering for our team. You always lose.
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